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Our 'Vision' is simple:

To be your preferred source of Workplace Violence Prevention Solutions!


Our 'Mission' which drives us:

We have an intense desire to help our clients create violence-free workplaces. One where people can be their best  while the organization stops wasting time and money. In dialog with our clients, we listen and learn together about opportunities where our holistic, cost effective and team approach is tailored to meet your specific needs. We will help revitalize your culture, strengthen leadership and operational skills, while improving earnings and building sustainable solutions.


'Why us?'

We  are a collaborative, multi-disciplined team of professionals who have synchronized all our efforts on the prevention of workplace violence. 

We typically speak with organizations that might be frustrated with recurring workplace abuse and violence incidents - ranging from incivilities, to bullying, to harassment to physical assaults. 

There are also firms, some who have not experienced any incidents, yet are fearful one may occur. One which could damage the Brand, negatively impact the bottom line, or create unnecessary legal ramifications. Some organizations may not be sure if their current or non-existent workplace violence prevention program is effective enough- whether their threats are from the inside or the outside. 

That is where we provide most value, by helping organizations uncover areas of opportunity - thus reducing the risk of Workplace Violence.

Meet The Team

Robin 'Rob' C. Nagele, M.A. (Security / Executive Leadership Advisor)

Robin C. Nagele

I am a well-rounded, security solutions professional with a diverse set of proven skills in Federal  law enforcement, security and public safety. 

I have a strong operational background and possess a deep knowledge across multiple security disciplines and have proven experience in working within several functional areas.  

My role as a Security / Executive Leadership Advisor as part of Nagele, Knowles & Associates, is to use our unique collaborative approach, while 'proactively' striving to assess and help organizations identify vulnerabilities before they become a problem.  I then contribute my findings with the team and work with the client to tailor specific solutions to help mitigate and prevent workplace violence from occurring. We do this with our collective genius. 

 Protecting people and securing assets is my goal here! I help employers / employees understand their individual and collective responsibilities, which can help contribute to overall safety and security in their workplace. We find this critical to our holistic approach to safety and security awareness.

For us, it's all about integrating a combination of collaborative expertise with exceptional interpersonal communication skills, and problem solving abilities.  

Claire Knowles, BS, SHRM (Human Resources / Executive Leadership Advisor)

Claire Knowles

My deep mission, along with Nagele, Knowles & Associates, is to help Leaders and their teams, groups, organizations, businesses, Boards, to co-create their future and quickly build the effectiveness necessary to move forward, along with kindness and humanity for the workplace. We use a proprietary process that allows the important conversations to take place---where the game playing stops---and where serious accomplishment results. Organizational Change, Safety, HR, Effectiveness...wherever resolution is needed, and leadership is needed. We teach Leaders how to Lead effectively, fully engaging the workforce.

I am a two-time Amazon Best-selling author: “Lights On! Illuminations to Move Your Life Forward” and also “Can You See Them Now? (Elephants in our Midst!”

A former HR/Labor Relations Manager at DuPont, having enjoyed a 34-year corporate career primarily untangling people and labor relations problems. I earned my Bachelors degree from the State University of New York, majoring in Business Management and Economics.

A Consultant/Entrepreneur, primarily working with Leaders who lead groups of people in organizations, businesses, work-groups and work-teams, and who are seeking greater effectiveness and better results. I am especially strong on the cultural side of preventing workplace violence – untangling people problems and facilitating group improvements.

An in-demand speaker, and have appeared on radio/TV/blog-talk as an authority on Leadership, Women’s Issues and Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence. I am also associated with the Center for Self-Organizing Leadership and also the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute.

Richard 'Dick' Knowles, PhD (Safety / Executive Leadership Advisor)


I have developed The Four-Step Safety Leadership Process (TM) that enables the people in organizations to achieve safety excellence. As they learn this way of leading in safety they begin to apply these learnings to the rest of their business enabling it to move to excellence. 

Based on my 50+ years of leading safety at many levels in the trenches I've become known as a Safety Sage. We have a proven track record in helping business owners and senior managers to make more money by eliminating the waste of fatalities, injuries, incidents and other dysfunctional behaviors as well as resistance to change quickly. The savings from this work are huge and no new capital investment is needed.

We are experienced leaders and managers and are the creators of the best known tool in the world (The Process Enneagram(C) that enables people to solve complex problems while simultaneously building the networks they need and releasing the emotional energy and commitment to quickly accomplish the challenges ahead of them. Beverly G. Mccarter and Brian E. White in their book, "Leadership in Chaordic Organizations" (2013, ISBN 978-1-4200-7417-8) state that the Process Enneagram seems to be the missing link between complexity theory and practical application.

In serving in a number of management positions within DuPont, I have developed deep insights about how organizations work and how to connect with the people within them. I have developed the Process Enneagram(C) tool as a way to help people to purposefully engage the natural tendency of self-organization as a more effective and efficient way to lead. 

I am the author of "The Leadership Dance, Pathways to Extraordinary Organizational Effectiveness",(2002, ISBN 0-9721204-0-8) and "Partnering for Safety and Business Excellence" (2012, ISBN 978-0-9721204-1-8). 

Our Offerings

Workplace Culture and Improvement accountability

Excitedly, we coach and empower leaders to build their impact, increase trust and interdependence and help people to be the best they can be. Clearly setting direction and maintaining standards, insisting on high levels of integrity and on people being respectful, eliminating harassment and bullying are important roles. We teach Leaders to use Partner-Centered Leadership to achieve high levels of engagement.

   If workplace conflict is taking a toll on you, please take note of this:  Culture is a set of living relationships working toward a shared goal. It is not something you are, it is something you do...it is how you interact with others, relate to others, connect to others, communicate with others in the workplace.  And it extends from being healthy to being hostile. It doesn’t take long to do a cultural assessment--the results that emerge will quickly indicate which end of spectrum your organization is leaning:  healthy, hostile, or somewhere in-between. What does your cultural barometer tell you? 

Human Resources - Full Range of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

There is a marked difference between compliance and achieving prevention of all forms of workplace violence--from incivilities, bullying, harassment, to vengeful behaviors up to and including negative perpetrators. Organizations might have a policy and have done some training and think they’re okay-- in compliance (on paper). What we know is that prevention of bad behaviors like harassment and bullying is also about affecting culture and leadership. We know that dysfunctional behaviors within a workplace increase if they are not checked---a continuum. We assess where your organization currently is, and offer the full range of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs, including Policy, culture, feedback, training and work-group dialog that addresses not only the law, but the people treatment necessary for healthy, respectful workplaces. 

Ask about (Real) Leadership

We coach leaders to build their impact, increase trust and interdependence and help people to be the best they can be.

We accomplish this by, clearly setting direction and maintaining standards, insisting on high levels of integrity and on people being respectful, eliminating harassment and bullying are important roles. We teach Leaders to use Partner-Centered Leadership to achieve high levels of engagement.

  Leaders are searching for answers--they are seeking ways to have healthy (not hostile) workplace environments. We know that Leaders are responsible for ensuring that the workplace does NOT become a hostile workplace. OSHA law makes that clear.  We know that a leader is not a “real” leader unless that leader is effective. Organizations that invest in effective manager training and hold their managers accountable, reap amazing rewards in the form of competitive advantage, employee engagement, cultural health, and reduced risk of workplace violence. Supervisors--at all levels--are key to thwarting the spectrum of Workplace Violence. Effective Leadership skills can be taught. When management is not doing an effective job, the workplace suffers. It doesn’t have to be that way! 

Security / Assessments / Personal Security Awareness / Physical Security / Protocols

We know that people are the number one asset within any organization.  Since personal and facility security is an essential requirement, (Both morally & legally) for businesses, we help leaders identify vulnerabilities across the full spectrum of the business. For examples: Strengthen physical security measures, (access control, visitor management systems), to understanding where in your workplace you are most vulnerable, and then help formulate a plan to mitigate or eliminate risk in the workplace. Protecting people and securing assets is our goal here!

By helping employees understand their individual responsibilities which can help contribute to overall safety and security in their workplace, we find this critical to our holistic approach to safety and security awareness.

Safety & Operations (OSHA)

 All organizations know that one of the keys to their success is safe operations; that is, ensuring that their People go home at the end of their shift in one piece---having their eyes, ears, limbs, and life intact.  Safety is an aspect of culture---how it is led, enforced, taught, reinforced, expected--both in the safe performance of tasks, and in the safe conditions of the environment.  We at Nagele, Knowles & Associates, understand the importance of Safety in the workplace, having decades of experience in this arena, including Occupational safety, Occupational Health & Safety, and Process Safety, including chemical safety. Effective leaders do not ignore safety, if they care about their people. We help to strengthen occupational safety, occupational health and process safety. Tools to improve employee involvement and engagement are introduced. The importance of the open flow of information will be emphasized.

All these activities are covered by OSHA rules and regulations as well as many State regulations as well. 

We also help to identify the appropriate level of staffing by trained safety professionals.

Training & Development

 How would you like to be treated by your peers and managers?  

When it comes to

training on Prevention of Workplace Violence, and reducing the risk of bad behaviors within your workplace, this becomes a key question and the answers translate to your company values, in turn the need to reduce the gap of what an

organization says they want their culture to be like, and what it actually is. We have the broad-based Training & Development skills, to cover not only the required laws, developed Policy, but the entire line organization roll-out and communications.

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We are excited to present to you our first episode of 24 total episodes. 

Visit us at: http://boldbravemedia.com/shows/nagele-knowles/ 

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